Dove Reel ’11


Ink Studio

Ink Studio is a small and young company who wanted to acquire bigger visibility, as to promote their creativity.

We successfully collaborated to reach those targets.



Free painting representing what the american dream really is.

Old CV flyleaf

The title say it all…

A 2007 Project.

ABS Video

Abs gave me a “white card” to create the company’s presentation video.

I received the copy, and under their direction, I’ve made it.


Ginormous is a personal motion design project, the plot being about research and metaphor.

Work in progress

Dove Logo Evolution

The evolution of my logo from my student moment to my professional being.

The red one, is from 2007.
The white one, is from 2009.
And the dark one, is from 2011.

Yep, I like to work on my identity, especially since I wasn’t happy with.

The Plane

I really enjoy travelling by plane, so I’ve made a dedicated painting to this greatfull feeling

Spatial Paintings

Some spatial wallpaper.

I’ve always been fascinated
by space, and I needed to train my painting skills in photoshop, resulting those.

La Fine Equipe

A french rap’s band asked me to create them a label logo.

They were very glad with this result.

UITP Pitch

Abs had to pitch UITP to redesign their website…


A personnal free / training matte painting I’ve made during the year 2007.


This is a animation for a confidential client.

I’ve made it inside Abs,
and keyed everything by hand.

A huge piece of work.

ABS Wallpaper

Abs asked me to create them a wallpaper merging the four elements…

Industry vs Nature

A 2007 free job.

Abs website

Well, I had to redesign the Abs website too.

White card… It had to be creative, unique, but brandy and serious.

From those common paradoxes, this emerged, which i’m quite glad of.

ABS elements

ABS Creative group is the company where i’m employee.

Under their direction, they asked me to develop 4 wallpaper landscaping the (old) abs logo in the four elements.

A quite old project now.

US Domo website

Domo sports grass asked Abs to redesign their US website.

It had to be bling-bling kind of -but of course brand corporate still- and to stick with their print communication.


A small logo introduction I had to create for a small local electricity company.

A 2007 Project.

Typography Animation

Confidential Project, made in Abs.

That was my first real typo-only animation project.

Image Up Logo

Image Up, a video production company, asked Abs to redesign a logo that could shine on the screen.